Lyssa Room

This Lyssa Room's Dragonfly Theme & Design is the creation of Alyssa Marshall, daughter of the Cottage's Owner/Artist Christie Marshall. "Let me just stay over for awhile and accomplish this task!" she said. "I love it here, and this is how I would do this room if it were mine!" She put her heart and soul into every detail, painting every wall including the ceiling with several loving coats of paint. Striping the accent wall is a favorite detail. A large wall hanging opposite the striped wall features a storybook illustration by ___ which Alyssa discovered tucked away in the main house. "This will be perfect for my room!" Add the dragonfly accents and you have a fun room.

This is the 2nd bedroom in the cottage and features black out curtains, queen size bed, basket with towels, luggage rack, plenty of drawers in the chest and plenty of pillows. The calm blue, beige and brown color scheme is sure to sooth time spent here in The Lyssa Room!

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