About HLH

Purple is a color of mystery. It is also a color of royalty, wealth, wisdom and spirituality. An uncommon creative color - purple is one of my absolute favorites!

When I was selecting colors for painting the outside of the HLH Artist Cottage during it's recent renovation... I wanted to choose a color of distinction, uniqueness and adventure. What color would stand out? What color would be suggestive of what Heartlocket Hollow is about?

Yes, the cottage is located on the Heartlocket Hollow Studio property; thus it is aptly named The "HLH" Artist Cottage. Heartlocket Hollow is currently home of an artistic family; and its history, although modest, is filled with art. This beautiful property is tucked away in the heart of one of the most beautiful vacation spots in the world. So what color would echo this vibe?

Carefully selected for your vacation pleasure!

When you step through the cottage's purple front door... you will find:
  • Three large bedrooms (2 br/ 1 studio if desired)
  • An adorable kitchen
  • Living/ Dining Room artfully decorated
  • Laundry Room with full washer & dryer
  • Information and location of things to see in the area
  • Private natural back yard
  • Artwork by Owner/Artist Christiane Marshall
  • Creative decor by artist and her three daughters
  • Relaxing Vacation Vibe
  • Words of Inspiration throughout
So... for your next vacation to Florida's Beautiful Central West Coast - come for a stay...

Just Through the Purple Door!

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